My Offerings

“We all have the innate ability to balance and heal ourselves…
we have just forgotten how.”

Energy Work

  • I integrate Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology and Reconnection.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – a useful form of psychological acupuncture that uses gentle tapping on Chinese acupuncture points to relieve blockages and restore balance.

My goal with energy work is to assess and activate your natural healing abilities and to restore energy systems that have become weak or imbalanced. When the body’s energy is strengthened, balanced and free-flowing, the physical body can return to optimal health.

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Energy Work

Lisa’s Reflection on Energy Work:

“Receiving energy work for the first time was a revelation. Having few expectations, I was surprised to feel more grounded and present in my body, and also lighter and expanded. I felt free, soft, and in the flow of life.”

Body Work

  • I’ve integrated many forms of bodywork that include massage, reflexology, oncology bodywork, compassionate touch and cranio-sacral that today translates into a gentle therapeutic blend of healing touch

Touch, when done with skill, intention and love, heals. My bodywork is intertwined with energy work to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in balancing to bring you back to a felt sense of wholeness.

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Lisa’s Reflection on Body Work:

“When I began receiving good body work, I was given the gifts of deep presence and coming home to my body in ways that had not been possible before. I realized that all of my resources and power were available to me as I learned to rest down and in.”

Life-Centered Therapy/Guided Self Healing

The work combines a comprehensive protocol with kinesiology, or muscle testing, that opens you to your body-based wisdom to help you remember why an unproductive pattern of behavior has arisen. This remarkable work supports you in getting to the source of discomfort, and offers just the right interventions you need to free yourself and to heal. This modality was founded by Andrew Hahn, PhD. To learn more click here.

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Lisa’s Reflection on Life-Centered Therapy/Guided Self Healing:

“When I had my first Life-Centered Therapy session, it felt like a homecoming. It enabled me to free myself of long-standing blocks that I had been unable to resolve with other therapies. And this work has offered a path for ongoing transformation into deepening presence, open-heartedness, faith and inner peace.”

Therapeutic Tool

BioMat – a 17-layer mat that utilizes the synergistic effects of infrared light, amethyst crystals and negative ions. It produces the safest, most beneficial natural light wave. The mat detoxifies the cells to relieve pain and inflammation, strengthens and rejuvenates all bodily systems by increasing micro-circulation and induces deep relaxation and well-being.

BEMER – Lisa is an Independent BEMER Distributor.

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Lisa’s Reflection on BioMat:

“Receiving my first session lying on the warm BioMat was heavenly! The penetrating heat furthered the energy work I received and allowed for deep restoration.”

NeurOptimal Brain Training, designed by Zengar Institute

  • NeurOptimal allows your brain and central nervous system to improve neural plasticity, resiliency and flexibility through “self-observation.”
  • NeurOptimal is non-invasive and non-directive. It is not a medical treatment and there is no associated diagnosis.
  • Five tiny silver sensors are placed on the ears and scalp with some conducting cream, and with earbuds you are able to listen to a piece of beautiful music. The sensors record your brainwave activity for 33 minutes while you sit comfortably in a chair or lie down, quietly resting and listening to the music.

To learn more about NeurOptimal, click here.

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Lisa’s Reflection on NeurOptimal:

“I can’t say enough about how this brilliant technology has strengthened my brain power! I began using NeurOptimal after several years of stress that was negatively affecting my memory and focus. Today at age 60, as I continue to train, I enjoy feeling focused, cognitively capable and youthful.”

Prepare for Surgery Holistically

The medical literature shows that those who take the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster workshop have fewer complications, less anxiety, may use up to 50% less pain medication following surgery, and may leave the hospital sooner than expected. I offer the workshop at the Healing Garden and at Emerson Hospital. This workshop was created by Peggy Huddleston.

To learn more about Prepare for Surgery click here.

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Lisa’s Reflection on Prepare for Surgery Holistically:

“For over 25 years, I’ve offered the Prepare for Surgery workshop because I love witnessing the transformation I see in my clients through the process. The steady stream of positive feedback I receive from them post-surgery warms my heart.”

Oneness Blessing Circle

Oneness is a movement dedicated to the release of humanity’s suffering and to our collective awakening. I traveled to the Oneness University in India in 2012 to enjoy many transformative practices. Since then, I have hosted monthly Oneness Blessing Circles at the Healing Garden. I love the simple and beautiful practice of sharing blessings that help us open to our inner truth, beauty and expanded heart.

To learn more about the Healing Garden in Harvard, MA, click here.

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Oneness Blessing Circle

Lisa’s Reflection Oneness Blessing Circles

“The devotional practice of Giving and Receiving Oneness Blessings opens my heart to joy, higher support, and the great pleasure of being alive. I am able to surrender and trust that all is well, even in the face of life’s challenges.”

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