Activate Your Natural Abilities to Heal and Thrive

Learn More About Lisa's Philosophy

Welcome! I am a licensed body and energy counselor whose primary focus today is practicing Life Centered Therapy. I take great delight in supporting clients in uncovering and working on what matters most in life. Thirty-five years of training in different forms of body, energy, spiritual work and counseling ground my practice.

I believe that we all have the innate ability to come into balance within ourselves and open to greater well-being. And when we do, life flows with greater ease and joy.

My long-time passion of sitting with those who are moving through challenging experiences was born out of my longing for transformation in my own life. Through the years, I’ve developed holistic and effective modalities that help clients balance their energy-body to restore and increase vitality. Life Centered Therapy allows me to bring together all of what I've learned within one comprehensive modality.

If life is feeling challenging and burdensome; if there is an on-going issue you are having trouble resolving; if you struggle with a cognitive imbalance that holds you back; or if you are anxious in facing an unsettling diagnosis or upcoming surgery, my therapeutic approach, when integrated with western medicine, offers a complete package of care.

Lisa's Offerings Include:

  • Life Centered Therapy / Guided Self-Healing

    This modality is a unique integration of traditional and body-centered psychotherapies, healing energy and spirituality that helps to resolve suffering. Learn More

  • Prepare for Surgery Holistically

    You will learn researched mind/body techniques to enhance your healing as you prepare to go through any type of surgery. Learn More

  • Body and Energy Work

    As a licensed body and energy worker, I have learned a variety of hand’s on work through the years that helps you recover, balance and heal. Learn More

  • Therapeutic Tools

    Achieve healing through various forms of vibration. Learn More