“Lisa is a gifted healer. Her subtle, yet powerful methods allow unconscious patterns to become conscious, and release their destructive grip. The work I did with her was pivotal in shifting me from disabling stress to clarity and right action. A boulder was lifted off my shoulders, I was set free." Andy M.
“You are a very special provider to me - not only graciously riding through the growth and changes at the Healing Garden so that we have had the benefit of your steady, patient presence, but for me personally, in helping me break through some old traumas limiting my life. Thank you for always being there." Brianne C.
“I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the difference you’ve made in my cancer recovery. Thank you for the powerful sessions, and also the knowledge and tools that I have used to heal my body. I have truly enjoyed working with you!" Sarah S.
“After being on my healing journey for four years now, I knew there were things I didn’t have access to healing by myself. Lisa was able to identify the issues I was having with the Life Center Therapy. I felt completely liberated from the issues by the time the session was complete, and still feel that way. I couldn’t have gotten to the place I’m at without her. She is so kind, compassionate, and caring. I can’t recommend her enough! She’s a blessing!" Jennifer S.
“Thank you for the wonderful LCT session. I woke up this morning feeling positively amazing, the first time in a very, very, long time. I’m sure you hear this sort of thing often. However, for me, it is almost mind blowing. I feel empty, but in the best possible way - clean, light and ready to work." Renate G.
“I had an amazing session with Lisa MacDonnell. The technique she uses--and her own intuition-- are really marvelous to experience. It was so transforming, deep and unexpected." Amelia P.
“We have done so much good work thus far. I am feeling new energy and positive excitement about these changes in my life. A far cry from where I started!
"Thank you for your wonderful approach to healing; I found it easier to find blocks and connect threads, including within my body."
“I just wanted you to know what incredible work you do for the clients here. I have this long list of clients who have stated that their bodywork or prepare for surgery course with you were "life-changing." It's also incredible how much the Oneness Blessing circle has supported the Garden. Thank you," Brianne Carter, LlCSW, MTS, OSW-C, Director of Clinical Care, The Healing Garden
“I experience GSH as therapy for my soul. When I sit with Lisa in a session, I feel as though I put my heart and soul in her very capable hands. The result is transformative as together, we identify and eliminate limiting patterns and beliefs resulting from past and present traumas. I have had countless GSH sessions with Lisa over the past 6 years. During that time, I have faced some major life events that shook me to the core. Using GSH as a tool, Lisa was able to help me move through those events with more ease and grace than I ever thought possible. Rather than proliferating more trauma as these events unfolded, with Lisa’s help, I was able to neutralize them before they took root. Lisa is a true healer in all manner of speaking . She is present, compassionate, open and is able to step aside in order to be a true conduit for healing energy to come through and work its magic." Kelley
“Lisa is a lovely, caring, compassionate and experience professional therapist. She has an ability for deep connection that evidences itself in her work by conveying calm and thoughtful treatment to each individual. Clients report excellent results, especially in reduction of anxiety and regaining a sense of control. Lisa is a special therapist and I highly recommend her.” Betsy
“Lisa is a gifted healer who has worked with me as a practitioner through The Healing Garden during the 1 1/2 years of breast cancer treatments. Her holistic approach helped me to feel stronger and gave me positive energy to face my challenges. I have felt spiritually touched and moved by her work. She was a significant support in helping me to prepare for surgery and to better tolerate and heal from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I trust her work implicitly.” Peggy
“No matter where our lives lead us, I will never forget your compassion and the huge impact you made on my recovery. You are such an important, irreplaceable piece of God’s plan. I cherish the time we spent together during one of the most challenging, but truly enlightening and enriching times of my life.” Alice
“My gratitude to you, Lisa, for the support and gift of your talents. What a blessing for the complete privilege of experiencing a Guided Self-Healing session with you. It was so rich and wonderful. There are no words that can completely convey my gratitude and ever-lasting appreciation.” Jody
“I thank you for your gifted hands, knowledge and wisdom which have helped me emotionally, physically and spiritually. You do extraordinary healing work and it has helped me immensely as I heal myself.” Pat
“I really do feel that the Prepare for Surgery session helped me heal through my knee surgery. I was pleased with all the healing around my surgical site. My leg stayed pink and white afterwards, and my incision is now just a light pink line. It has healed beautifully, and I didn’t need antibiotics. I’m not on any pain medication and I can walk and handle stairs well now. My therapy has gone well. I have two friends who recently had similar surgery at Emerson and both ran into big problems. I have to think that at the Prepare for Surgery program helped me come through this well. My good recovery makes me feel there was more to it than just the surgeon’s hands. I’m grateful.” Marjorie
“Lisa carries the energy of the Healing Garden. There is an innate force and focus that Lisa represents that doesn’t exist in independent therapists. I felt this support very strongly.” Madeleine
“I wanted to thank you for the session. I believe it really helped me prepare for my surgery. I believe it really made a difference.” Angela
“I am happy to report that my healing could not have gone any better. Even the few potential snags along the way were easily resolved. I felt great 6 weeks later (I had bi-lateral DIEP flap reconstructive surgery with a skin-saving mastectomy.) Although it was a long operation and I had some pain immediately afterwards, I was able to switch off the morphine pump less than 36 hours after my surgery. I was out of bed and in a chair less than 24 hours after surgery and had my catheter removed and was walking to the bathroom within 36 hours of my surgery. My visualizations are coming to fruition and now I am concentrating on some of my larger issues that we also discussed. I feel as though I had such clarity after our meeting. I felt prepared and was able to calm myself whenever I had the slightest bit of anxiety. Although I had my Ativan prescription, I never used it. Doing the mind-body work is so helpful. I wish everyone had the opportunity to do this before any kind of surgery or treatments. Thank you once again.” Cheryl
“The workshop with Lisa gave me a feeling of acceptance, peace and support.” Janet
“Lisa helped me begin to replace my very negative expectations of surgery and recovery with positive thoughts and expectations. The CD she gave me has helped me significantly to handle my anxiety and to relax. This was a very valuable workshop indeed!” Lorraine
“Lisa’s presence in and of itself is healing. She is talented at directing the session to successfully uncover blocked energies within. I experienced a profound healing effect mentally and physically. I’m thankful, Lisa, for your ability to help me and others so quickly!" Trish A.
“Lisa has unique abilities that helped me effectively access parts of myself that were blocked and in need of healing. She’s a presence-centred guide who uncovered what I needed, and then guided me to do my own work. I felt an immediate difference - it’s empowering and transformative trauma work!" Gray D.
“A huge heartfelt thank you for an amazingly powerful session! I'm still absorbing the depth of the experience with gratitude that you came into my life." Sarah S.
“Lisa's ability to connect and figure out the trauma that obstructs a person's life, is amazing. Even if you don't know what it is that is bothering you, she can muscle test to find the pattern and cause. Her guidance in the session as the trauma in the body becomes resolved will clear and transform your life. What was once a pattern of bondage becomes freedom and self-empowerment." Miguel H.
"I never ever thought I'd be looking forward to my surgery, but I am! Thank you!"Mary M.
"Lisa is a gifted healer with keen intuitive skills and deep knowledge to create subtle and profound healing. She is one of the most professional alternative healers I've had the privilege to work with. I think she's outstanding. And I'm very grateful for the work she's done with me."Katherine P.
"Lisa has been a true, life-changing gift to my life. When I came to her, I was extremely ill and weak, and over our two years together she has been a source of calm, healing and help for me. Her healing abilities are extremely powerful, and we have used different modalities together. The Guided Self Healing - Life Centered Therapy has been fascinating and truly transformative. My sessions get deeper as I continue to receive this wonderful healing modality. Lisa has a calming, caring and very supportive presence. I am eternally grateful for the ability to walk this path with her."Allison H.
"I love Lisa’s Tarot circles. With a calming presence she sets a beautiful tone for us to find our center, get clear, and tune in with and open and full heart. I love how the cards magically speak to us - individually and collectively - and how they help us see the bigger picture. I always come away feeling nourished, inspired and hopeful."Stephanie Bennett Vogt, author of 'Your Spacious Self and A Year to Clear'
"The prepare for surgery work had a profound impact for me in the 7-8 days leading up to surgery. I believe it calmed a part of me that had become so triggered and so riddled with associations to being sick in the past. Things that were so hard for me to move through. I was crying uncontrollably for days, weeks--and after the appointment with Lisa, I didn't shed another tear. Something very profound was released for me that day. I will let her know again, too. I will use these techniques too through healing and recuperation."Deb
"Lisa is a highly skilled counselor and therapist. Through our work, I released long-held and fundamental limitations on my physical and mental capacities that I thought were permanent. I feel younger, more free, and more relaxed than I have in many years. Guided Self-Healing is very powerful system of understanding and changing. It's shockingly effective."Craig
“Dear Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the tremendous, positive and enthusiastic difference you have made in my recovery this year. Among many other things, I would not have proceeded on the naturopathic path with out your guidance, and I could not be in the happy, healthy, and optimistic place I am today.” Alice
“My surgery went very well and I received excellent results. I can’t thank you enough for your help. I didn’t have even a minute of anxiety the entire day I was in surgery, which is unusual for me. I don’t know what else to attribute it to other than our session. I’m grateful.” Patrice
“I liked everything about the workshop. Lisa facilitated a perfect exchange of information, personal concerns and guidance for my upcoming surgery. This program needs to be promoted during the pre-op appointment by the anesthesiology nurse. Brochures need to be put out at the main desk and personnel need to know/understand the value of the program.” Marcia
“When I was first diagnosed, I went for a consultation with Lisa. She was an incredible, dynamic life force that immediately settled around me assuring me that I could overcome my fear of cancer. We met a couple of times by connecting with her energy. I was able to understand that there were ways to get through what seemed at the time an impossible roadblock. She also recommended the Relaxation/Healing CD by Peggy Huddleston and the companion book: Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster. From this technique I learned ways to relax my body and let go of negative energy, listening to it sometimes 3-4 times a day. I still listen to it when I need to break down stress patterns.” Brianne
“The prepare for surgery session with you was very productive. I can say I am more relaxed than I was previously and I would recommend this program and working with you, in particular, to anyone who needs surgery. Thank you very much!” Kerry
“Your Prepare for Surgery session made a dramatic impression on [our client]. She came in today filled with confidence and positive energy regarding her surgery. She was so grateful that you were there to help her at this difficult time. She has been coming for months now and has been struggling all this time, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever happened in her session with you opened up the door of hope and gave her the strength to get through this surgery with a sense of control and confidence. You are a gem, Lisa, and have been a blessing to so many of our clients facing surgery.” Virginia Thurston Healing Garden
“Working with Lisa, I learned how to use relaxation and visualization as I prepared for surgery. I learned to prepare myself to wake up from the procedure feeling comfortable and positive. I used these techniques very successfully when I had a hysterectomy, but the same approaches were useful to me later when I went through cancer treatment. These methods regarding healing, relaxing, and paving the way to a positive outcome aren’t useful only during surgery; they’re useful for life!” “I thought it was very well done, organized to use the time well and thoughtfully presented. It allowed me to create a plan before, during and after surgery, and I felt prepared.”Joanne
“No matter where our lives lead us, I will never forget your compassion and the huge impact you made on my recovery. You are such an important, irreplaceable piece of God’s plan. I cherish the time we spent together during one of the most challenging, but truly enlightening and enriching times of my life.” Alice
“Incredible insight - huge help - very complete!” Lynn
“Helped me focus on positive thoughts instead of the negative associated with surgery. Lisa was great!” Carole
“My surgery went very well, and I didn’t take more than one Tylenol afterwards. I used the tapes and delivered the healing messages to be used after surgery and they worked their magic. The surgical department seems to have their act together regarding the mix needed between technical and spiritual. I appreciate your guidance and believe it really helped.” Carolyn
“After a month of NeurOptimal sessions, the quality of my life has dramatically increased. I feel consistent improvements. Five weeks ago, I was in a downward spiral. I’m less cognitively hazy and crazy. I’m overwhelmed with the idea of how much I’ve struggled in my life - how much I’ve fought against myself - versus how my life has shifted these last few weeks.” Mary
"I want to thank you for dedicating so much of your time, both with the Oneness Blessing circle at the Healing Garden, and also for all the support you’ve given me over the past 15 years that I have known you. During that time you have given greatly to me and to so many others. You have helped me on move forward to a better place for on my healing journey."Joyce

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