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“We all have the innate ability to balance and heal ourselves…
we have just forgotten how.”

Life Centered Therapy/Guided Self Healing

This remarkable modality helps to free you of challenges you’ve been facing and offers you just the right practices in getting to the source of discomfort. By combining a comprehensive protocol and kinesiology, we are able to access your body-based wisdom that guides the work and allows for healing. If you’re longing to free yourself of suffering and accelerate healing and transformation, you’ve found the right person.

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Lisa’s Reflection on Life-Centered Therapy/Guided Self Healing:

“When I had my first Life-Centered Therapy session, it felt like a homecoming. It enabled me to free myself of long-standing blocks that I had been unable to resolve with other therapies. And this work has offered a path for ongoing transformation into deepening presence, open-heartedness, faith and inner peace.”

Prepare for Surgery Holistically

The medical literature shows that those who take the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster workshop have fewer complications, less anxiety, may use up to 50% less pain medication following surgery, and may leave the hospital sooner than expected. I offer the workshop at the Healing Garden and at Emerson Hospital.

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Lisa’s Reflection on Prepare for Surgery Holistically:

“For over 25 years, I’ve offered the Prepare for Surgery workshop because I love witnessing the transformation I see in my clients through the process. The steady stream of positive feedback I receive from them post-surgery warms my heart.”

Body and Energy Work

As a licensed body and energy worker, I have learned a variety of hands-on work through the years that helps you recover, balance and heal. Though I primarily practice Life Centered Therapy today, I return to my hands-on skills when it’s called for.

I’ve integrated several forms of bodywork that include massage, reflexology, oncology bodywork and cranio-sacral. And as an energy worker, I include Nirodha Karma Healing, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology and Reconnection to activate your natural healing abilities. When the body’s energy systems are strengthened, balanced and free-flowing, the physical body can return to optimal health.

Touch, when done with skill, intention and love, heals.

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Energy Work

Lisa’s Reflection on Energy Work:

“Receiving energy work for the first time was a revelation. Having few expectations, I was surprised to feel more grounded and present in my body, and also lighter and expanded. I felt free, soft, and in the flow of life.”

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